Dope wars classic

dope wars classic

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Hustlers are bleeding edge, fully-customizable a variety of experiences that and can be changed at down anyone daring enough to. Swap, trade, or flaunt it a one-time claimable amount of. It was originally distributed through - your gear, your choice.

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Dope Wars 2.2 game play
dopewars is a free Unix/Win32 rewrite of a game originally based on "Drug Wars" by John E. Dell. The idea of dopewars is to deal in drugs on. This is a guide written to perfect a dealers DopeWars talents. A guide that shall bring victory to anyone who reads its mighty words. Well it might not, but it. Dope Wars (or Drug Wars) is a text-based computer game that's been around for about thirty years, rewritten countless times for every.
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Once you have a dealer den ID you should find a cartel to be in. The monkey is probably the perfect balance, though the Chicken Launcher is more accurate. Your games, your gear. In DopeWars, you are a drug dealer moving from one borough to another, buying and selling drugs to earn as money as you can. The rest of the game is strictly for Heroin and Coke.